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GCPD :Filters at GCPD
GCPD/Johnson :Johnson photometric systemid:GCPD/Johnson.a
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full GCPD/Johnson filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

GCPD/Johnson.U_Landolt3376.533416.493455.722756.304209.57939.501417.813.73e-9  Johnson U filter in GCPD-Landolt 1983
GCPD/Johnson.U_ADPS3478.953502.063529.422953.824086.11680.401448.623.59e-9  Johnson U filter in GCPD-UBV (ADPS)
GCPD/Johnson.U_Mendoza3516.763536.133569.643012.504100.00658.001500.253.64e-9  Johnson U filter in GCPD-UBVRI, Mendoza (ADPS)
GCPD/Johnson.U3595.213618.233678.272956.444164.86580.761810.854.2e-9  Johnson U filter in GCPD (revised by Mann & von Braun 2014)
GCPD/Johnson.U_Straizys3628.323641.753682.043102.634114.29452.901681.073.83e-9  Johnson U filter in GCPD-UBV, Straizys (ADPS)
GCPD/Johnson.B_Landolt4284.084313.354299.243613.135112.72843.113931.986.42e-9  Johnson U filter in GCPD-Landolt 1983
GCPD/Johnson.B4368.394410.004365.053614.505413.33992.114015.686.31e-9  Johnson B filter in GCPD (revised by Mann & von Braun 2014)
GCPD/Johnson.B_ADPS4382.274424.664373.163681.255496.15987.704015.006.27e-9  Johnson B filter in GCPD-UBV (ADPS)
GCPD/Johnson.B_Mendoza4399.084439.294389.233675.005500.00950.004030.236.24e-9  Johnson B filter in GCPD-UBVRI, Mendoza (ADPS)
GCPD/Johnson.B_Straizys4404.964448.064394.483661.765500.001010.304019.916.21e-9  Johnson B filter in GCPD-UBV, Straizys (ADPS)
GCPD/Johnson.V_Landolt5419.175446.495393.854796.166454.89870.583665.973.74e-9  Johnson V filter in GCPD-Landolt 1983
GCPD/Johnson.V_Straizys5469.975504.675438.234766.676900.00870.653633.353.64e-9  Johnson V filter in GCPD-UBV, Straizys (ADPS)
GCPD/Johnson.V5486.315523.925451.774742.586862.30870.343620.463.61e-9  Johnson V filter in GCPD (revised by Mann & von Braun 2014)
GCPD/Johnson.V_Mendoza5499.255535.475465.484700.007300.00902.353618.013.59e-9  Johnson V filter in GCPD-UBVRI, Mendoza (ADPS)
GCPD/Johnson.V_ADPS5506.995543.045472.954666.677033.33898.933613.573.57e-9  Johnson V filter in GCPD-UBV (ADPS)
GCPD/Johnson.R_Landolt6440.706541.216342.865403.708853.861638.873081.622.23e-9  Johnson R filter in GCPD-Landolt 1983
GCPD/Johnson.R_Mendoza6815.276936.126692.025250.009450.002071.502906.541.88e-9  Johnson R filter in GCPD-UBVRI, Mendoza (ADPS)
GCPD/Johnson.R7047.927112.406985.865962.258977.901528.512763.771.67e-9  Johnson R filter in GCPD-UBVRI, Mendoza (revised by Mann & von Braun 2014)
GCPD/Johnson.I_Landolt8065.808102.668025.636892.249041.471322.812385.341.1e-9  Johnson I filter in GCPD-Landolt 1983
GCPD/Johnson.I_Mendoza8654.258776.818563.436900.0011800.002312.002305.959.23e-10  Johnson I filter in GCPD-UBVRI, Mendoza (ADPS)

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