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SkySat :SkySat is a commercial Earth observation microsatellite of Skybox Imaging Inc. (Mountain View, CA, USA), licensed to collect high resolution panchromatic and multispectral images of the Earth
SkySat/SkySat4 :Spectral Response for REIS bands on board SkySat-4

SkySat/SkySat4.Blue4776.334786.904763.694390.245186.40598.654025.185.29e-9SkySatSkySatSkySat4 Blue relative spectral response
SkySat/SkySat4.Green5478.445493.995463.164994.016002.14775.303624.493.62e-9SkySatSkySatSkySat4 Green relative spectral response
SkySat/SkySat4.Pan6054.306356.325775.624390.689034.153459.273366.532.75e-9SkySatSkySatSkySat4 Pan relative spectral response
SkySat/SkySat4.Red6406.526422.716387.295886.597007.12875.443037.052.22e-9SkySatSkySatSkySat4 Red relative spectral response
SkySat/SkySat4.NIR7979.378009.387950.357302.389056.761044.352416.891.14e-9SkySatSkySatSkySat4 NIR relative spectral response

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