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Meteosat :Meteosat is the European meteorological program in GEO (Geostationary Orbit) that was initiated in 1972 by ESRO (European Space Research Organization).
Meteosat/MVIRI03 :Meteosat Visible Infra-Red Imager (MVIRI) on board Meteosat-03id:Meteosat/MVIRI03.a

Meteosat/MVIRI03.VIS6916.197418.456458.484179.8311151.124532.203027.551.9e-9MeteosatMeteosat-MVIRIMeteosat03 MVIRI VIS normalized SRF
Meteosat/MVIRI03.WV164962.5065388.8864286.7155463.5175024.7113359.2288.206.27e-13MeteosatMeteosat-MVIRIMeteosat03 MVIRI WV1 normalized SRF
Meteosat/MVIRI03.WV264962.5065388.8864286.7155463.5175024.7113359.2288.206.27e-13MeteosatMeteosat-MVIRIMeteosat03 MVIRI WV2 normalized SRF
Meteosat/MVIRI03.IR2114485.12114859.98113878.82102757.51130484.6315976.9229.176.67e-14MeteosatMeteosat-MVIRIMeteosat03 MVIRI IR2 normalized SRF
Meteosat/MVIRI03.IR1114524.29114900.74113914.59102757.50130296.1716103.4629.156.66e-14MeteosatMeteosat-MVIRIMeteosat03 MVIRI IR1 normalized SRF

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