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Carlos Rodrigo
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Himawari :The Himawari (ひまわり, sunflower) geostationary satellites, operated by the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA), support weather forecasting, tropical cyclone tracking, and meteorology research.
Himawari/MTSAT-1R :Multifunction Transport Satellite - 1R (MTSAT-1R) aka Himawari-6, Japanese Advanced Meteorological Imager instrument (JAMI)id:Himawari/MTSAT-1R.a

Himawari/MTSAT-1R.Vis7187.627344.497024.465553.149159.912696.212770.351.61e-9Himawari-6JAMIHimawari MTST-1R Vis spectral response
Himawari/MTSAT-1R.IR437823.0237898.7437702.3234450.7341043.343914.75240.915.05e-12Himawari-6JAMIHimawari MTST-1R IR4 spectral response
Himawari/MTSAT-1R.IR367532.7467572.0267468.5464175.8971133.904036.8880.695.3e-13Himawari-6JAMIHimawari MTST-1R IR3 spectral response
Himawari/MTSAT-1R.IR1108114.97108232.07107926.2599953.54116789.728716.8732.428.31e-14Himawari-6JAMIHimawari MTST-1R IR1 spectral response
Himawari/MTSAT-1R.IR2120168.02120252.84120023.09112558.68126659.757770.8326.385.48e-14Himawari-6JAMIHimawari MTST-1R IR2 spectral response

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