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Akatsuki :The Venus Climate Orbiter Akatsuki is a spacecraft developed in order to unravel the mysteries of the atmosphere on Venus. The spacecraft was launched from the Tanegashima Space Center on May 20, 2010 (UTC) and became the first Japanese probe to enter orbit around a planet other than the Earth on December 7, 2015.
Akatsuki/IR2 :2 micron camera (IR2), on board Akatsuki. The 2 micron wavelength, which is emitted from below the bottom of Venus' clouds, allows for observing their density, the size of the cloud particles, the distribution of carbon monoxide, and other parameters, allowing for insights into atmospheric circulations at lower altitudes and into how clouds are formed. Zodiacal light was also measured en route to Venus to investigate on the dust distributed in the solar

Akatsuki/IR2.1650nm16553.1016619.7616468.7714915.1418291.342688.721004.821.1e-10AkatsukiIR2Akatsuki IR2 1650nm transmission
Akatsuki/IR2.1740nm17417.4417418.8417417.0017111.1317722.48410.26917.249.06e-11AkatsukiIR2Akatsuki IR2 1740nm transmission
Akatsuki/IR2.2020nm20224.4620225.6020222.7519916.5320543.26391.74734.745.39e-11AkatsukiIR2Akatsuki IR2 2020nm transmission
Akatsuki/IR2.2260nm22699.9722702.1422696.7122277.0823171.55527.60599.663.49e-11AkatsukiIR2Akatsuki IR2 2260nm transmission
Akatsuki/IR2.2320nm23249.8323250.7323248.5022962.7423544.77353.84575.253.19e-11AkatsukiIR2Akatsuki IR2 2320nm transmission

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