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HST :The Hubble Space Telescope (HST) is a cooperative program of the European Space Agency (ESA) and the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) to operate a space-based observatory for the benefit of the international astronomical community.
HST/WFC3_IR :The Wide Field Camera 3, IR

HST/WFC3_IR.F098M9862.729900.039826.818894.5410848.681485.012136.126.58e-10HSTWFC3F098M filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.G1029989.8610116.709869.648000.0011724.792430.912074.546.23e-10HSTWFC3G102 grism for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F105W10550.2510651.0010430.838955.2412130.552371.971974.815.32e-10HSTWFC3F105W filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F110W11534.4611797.1411200.528845.7914122.583856.851775.574.0e-10HSTWFC3F110W filter for HST WFC3_IR
Filter Description

Filter ID (?) :HST/WFC3_IR.F110W
Description (?) :F110W filter for HST WFC3_IR
Phot.System (?) :WFC3-IR
Detector Type (?) :Photon counter
Band Name (?) :------
Obs. Facility (?) :HST
Instrument (?) :WFC3
Comments (?) :Response calculated at a reference time, June 26, 2009, i.e. approximately when WFC3 was installed on HST. Using filter throughputs determined in the lab in combination with the measured QE of the flight detectors and sensitivities of WFC3's optics. These values were derived with STsynphot by using filter and correction files from the latest photometric calibration released on October 2020 (Bajaj et al 2020, Calamida et al. 2021). For more information on the latest photometric calibration please see the Photometric calibration webpage.

Mathematical properties

Property Calculated Specified Unit
λref (?) : 11534.46 ------- (Angstrom)
λmean (?) : 11797.14 ------- (Angstrom)
λcen (?) : 11696.34 ------- (Angstrom)
λeff (?) : 11200.52 ------- (Angstrom)
λpeak (?) : 13353.65 ------- (Angstrom)
λpivot (?) : 11534.46 ------- (Angstrom)
λphot (?) : 11377.53 ------- (Angstrom)
λmin (?) : 8845.79 ------- (Angstrom)
λmax (?) : 14122.58 ------- (Angstrom)
Weff (?) : 3856.85 ------- (Angstrom)
FWHM (?) : 4637.84 ------- (Angstrom)
Af/AV (?) : 0.34 ------- ()
Fsun (?) : 53.13 ------- (erg/cm2/s/A)


Data file: ascii, VOTable

Reference for filter response: Wide Field Camera 3 Performance

Transmission components: Filter + CCD + Instrumentid:HST/WFC3_IR.F110W

Calibration properties

Vega System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 4.00095e-10(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 1775.57(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : HST/WFC3_IR.F110W/Vega

AB System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 8.18187e-10(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 3631.00(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : HST/WFC3_IR.F110W/AB

ST System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 3.631e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 16113.87(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : HST/WFC3_IR.F110W/ST

Filter added: 2019-07-16 12:15:34
Last update: 2022-03-01 15:27:05
HST/WFC3_IR.F125W12486.0712576.1812363.5510853.2214141.732674.401555.412.99e-10HSTWFC3F125W filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F126N12585.4312585.6712585.0512481.6012692.56149.851524.512.89e-10HSTWFC3F126N filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F127M12741.0712746.2212732.3712268.8313235.27673.441469.992.71e-10HSTWFC3F127M filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F128N12836.6512837.0012837.2312729.5012947.67157.471366.212.49e-10HSTWFC3F128N filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F130N13010.3813010.6313010.1212904.9113116.80154.571448.432.57e-10HSTWFC3F130N filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F132N13193.4613193.7213193.1213084.2213302.38158.691419.262.44e-10HSTWFC3F132N filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F139M13841.8113846.0013836.0613403.1814303.22630.711317.212.06e-10HSTWFC3F139M filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F140W13923.2114061.9113734.6611864.9416133.143569.861321.432.04e-10HSTWFC3F140W filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.G14113886.7214184.7913477.7010436.7917780.134917.011355.322.11e-10HSTWFC3G141 grism for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F153M15332.7515336.9815326.2814869.6815828.81692.301119.041.43e-10HSTWFC3F153M filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F160W15370.3415436.3015278.4713857.7017003.092750.151122.801.42e-10HSTWFC3F160W filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F164N16449.9616450.3116451.4516308.8216591.89206.74983.461.09e-10HSTWFC3F164N filter for HST WFC3_IR
HST/WFC3_IR.F167N16676.0016676.5916674.0016533.4716821.47208.881006.741.09e-10HSTWFC3F167N filter for HST WFC3_IR

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