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Carlos Rodrigo
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FengYun :Fengyun, abbreviated FY, are China's weather satellites. China has launched polar orbit and geosynchronous orbit meteorological satellites since 1988.
FengYun/FY3C-VIRR :Visible and Infra Red Radiometer (VIRR). It has ten 1km-resolution spectral channels, including the high sensitivity visible channel. And there are three infrared atmospheric window

FengYun/FY3C-VIRR.CH074607.814613.444605.244250.004965.04313.204205.575.94e-9FY-3CVIRRFY-3C VIRR Channel 7 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY3C-VIRR.CH085020.065026.785018.704653.395387.26406.023809.804.53e-9FY-3CVIRRFY-3C VIRR Channel 8 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY3C-VIRR.CH095443.195448.575437.955037.425797.26395.393640.953.68e-9FY-3CVIRRFY-3C VIRR Channel 9 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY3C-VIRR.CH016389.396411.106363.315653.457044.11772.893046.332.24e-9FY-3CVIRRFY-3C VIRR Channel 1 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY3C-VIRR.CH028421.358426.098417.198017.368944.88474.842261.299.56e-10FY-3CVIRRFY-3C VIRR Channel 2 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY3C-VIRR.CH1013632.8513638.5313624.9813079.3114188.38677.931349.522.18e-10FY-3CVIRRFY-3C VIRR Channel 10 Spectral Response
FengYun/FY3C-VIRR.CH0615938.9515946.4515928.9215238.7316633.50727.041048.371.24e-10FY-3CVIRRFY-3C VIRR Channel 6 Spectral Response

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