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ERS :ESA's two European Remote Sensing (ERS) satellites, ERS-1 and -2, were launched into the same orbit in 1991 and 1995 respectively.
ERS/ATSR2 :The ATSR (Along Track Scanning Radiometer) instrument on board ERS-1 produces infrared images of the Earth at a spatial resolution of one

ERS/ATSR2.V5555544.045545.245542.865383.635699.46192.683576.093.49e-9ERSATSR2ERS ATSR2 V 0.555mic band normalized SRF
ERS/ATSR2.V6596580.766581.736580.756439.756732.71210.032802.101.94e-9ERSATSR2ERS ATSR2 V 0.659mic band normalized SRF
ERS/ATSR2.V8708638.258639.118637.878462.718824.21208.462219.518.92e-10ERSATSR2ERS ATSR2 V 0.870mic band normalized SRF
ERS/ATSR2.V1616079.0916086.2416070.2715304.9916996.13672.221034.101.2e-10ERSATSR2ERS ATSR2 V 1.6mic band normalized SRF
ERS/ATSR2.IR3736745.4436828.7336613.9033234.0241452.373679.45254.295.65e-12ERSATSR2ERS ATSR2 IR 3.7mic band normalized SRF
ERS/ATSR2.IR11109333.67109439.68109159.86102094.46117704.807936.1031.747.96e-14ERSATSR2ERS ATSR2 IR 11mic band normalized SRF
ERS/ATSR2.IR12120527.02120654.93120314.76112548.51131204.709005.8126.245.42e-14ERSATSR2ERS ATSR2 IR 12mic band normalized SRF

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