Filter Profile Service
Carlos Rodrigo
A repository of Filter information for the VO.
Grant PID2020-112494GBI00 funded by
Astronomy (7905)Planetary science (616)Earth Obs. (2452)

Bepi-Colombo :BepiColombo is Europe's first mission to Mercury. Launched on 20 October 2018, it is on a seven year journey to the smallest and least explored terrestrial planet in our Solar System.
Bepi-Colombo/STC :STereo imaging Channel (STC), part of the SIMBIO-SYS instrument on board

Bepi-Colombo/STC.420nm4236.944238.264233.724077.004368.00177.964368.717.3e-9Bepi-ColomboSTCBepi-Colombo SIMBIO-SYS STC 420nm filter
Bepi-Colombo/STC.550nm5510.425511.595509.315309.805698.00196.523597.453.55e-9Bepi-ColomboSTCBepi-Colombo SIMBIO-SYS STC 550nm filter
Bepi-Colombo/STC.PANL7020.787089.926948.875885.318182.141755.942785.101.69e-9Bepi-ColomboSTCBepi-Colombo SIMBIO-SYS STC PANL filter
Bepi-Colombo/STC.PANH7024.687094.006952.385906.938177.061741.692784.591.69e-9Bepi-ColomboSTCBepi-Colombo SIMBIO-SYS STC PANH filter
Bepi-Colombo/STC.750nm7500.577501.657499.377284.407704.21208.292578.781.37e-9Bepi-ColomboSTCBepi-Colombo SIMBIO-SYS STC 750nm filter
Bepi-Colombo/STC.920nm9218.169219.079216.668995.999422.45200.322246.287.92e-10Bepi-ColomboSTCBepi-Colombo SIMBIO-SYS STC 920nm filter

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