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Roman :The Roman Space Telescope is a NASA observatory designed to unravel the secrets of dark energy and dark matter, search for and image exoplanets, and explore many topics in infrared astrophysics.
Roman/WFI :The Wide-Field Instrument (WFI) is the primary instrument of the Roman Space Telescope. WFI provides wide-field imaging and multi-object, slitless spectroscopy over an. 0.281 deg2

Roman/WFI.F0626290.806434.126141.544633.827888.112122.293174.182.4e-9RomanWFIRoman WFI F062 filter eff. area.
Roman/WFI.F0878695.988764.838650.977328.2310133.081892.172294.049.09e-10RomanWFIRoman WFI F087 filter eff. area.
Roman/WFI.F10610566.5210652.0710465.048938.3212357.272440.851967.085.28e-10RomanWFIRoman WFI F106 filter eff. area.
Roman/WFI.F12912901.3413005.0112759.9910907.7215074.532939.261483.602.67e-10RomanWFIRoman WFI F129 filter eff. area.
Roman/WFI.Prism12499.0813584.8011229.667403.2018230.227168.791683.103.23e-10RomanWFIRoman WFI Prism eff. area.
Roman/WFI.Grism14246.6914885.7013416.289950.2819394.917843.921355.342.0e-10RomanWFIRoman WFI Grism eff. area.
Roman/WFI.F14614377.8315378.4713049.638957.6520731.997889.831396.742.03e-10RomanWFIRoman WFI F146 filter eff. area.
Roman/WFI.F15815748.6715875.3715577.8313310.9718389.023546.721091.961.32e-10RomanWFIRoman WFI F158 filter eff. area.
Roman/WFI.F18418394.1018466.1318290.9616227.6320732.133022.52854.127.57e-11RomanWFIRoman WFI F184 filter eff. area.
Roman/WFI.F21321229.9621306.1821116.8718805.3123835.103338.65675.724.49e-11RomanWFIRoman WFI F213 filter eff. area.

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