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Carlos Rodrigo
A repository of Filter information for the VO.
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APO :Apache Point Observatory.
APO/York :APO York interference
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full APO/York filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

APO/York.50595059.755059.755059.755046.625072.5612.083901.394.57e-9APO APO York 5059 interference filter
APO/York.52005201.875201.875201.875186.565216.9814.753802.524.21e-9APO APO York 5200 interference filter
APO/York.56845684.505684.515684.505672.465696.7011.983481.853.23e-9APO APO York 5684 interference filter
APO/York.57205719.515719.515719.505707.415731.4411.923475.123.18e-9APO APO York 5720 interference filter
APO/York.59175914.835914.845914.815891.205938.1223.133352.442.87e-9APO APO York 5917 interference filter
APO/York.60076007.086007.086007.075993.326021.3314.033294.162.74e-9APO APO York 6007 interference filter
APO/York.60856088.066088.066088.056072.716103.2814.823236.622.62e-9APO APO York 6085 interference filter
APO/York.61776177.706177.716177.696162.866193.4414.733199.412.51e-9APO APO York 6177 interference filter
APO/York.64096407.516407.526407.516392.606422.8015.073054.082.23e-9APO APO York 6409 interference filter
APO/York.69036902.716902.726902.706884.106921.1718.562840.901.79e-9APO APO York 6903 interference filter
APO/York.69316928.856928.866928.846910.296946.8918.362824.871.76e-9APO APO York 6931 interference filter
APO/York.77407739.877739.887739.877716.997762.3422.152488.681.25e-9APO APO York 7740 interference filter
APO/York.82128204.998205.008204.968180.858229.4824.282316.251.03e-9APO APO York 8212 interference filter
APO/York.82388234.528234.538234.528210.758258.6922.662297.391.02e-9APO APO York 8238 interference filter
APO/York.86788660.668660.808660.648604.458737.7576.882212.468.84e-10APO APO York 8678 interference filter
APO/York.90889087.699087.749087.809037.679136.5946.222377.038.63e-10APO APO York 9088 interference filter

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