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SPOT :SPOT is a commercial high-resolution optical imaging Earth observation satellite system operating from space.
SPOT/NAOMI6 :NAOMI (New AstroSat Optical Modular Instrument) on board SPOT-6.

SPOT/NAOMI6.Blue4855.084867.574842.584380.125341.99631.823972.525.05e-9SPOTNAOMISPOT6 NAOMI Blue normalized spectral response
SPOT/NAOMI6.Green5563.215572.135554.515143.066005.01595.703566.653.45e-9SPOTNAOMISPOT6 NAOMI Green normalized spectral response
SPOT/NAOMI6.Pan5793.715964.655630.594372.417606.342671.873459.243.09e-9SPOTNAOMISPOT6 NAOMI panchromatic normalized spectral response
SPOT/NAOMI6.Red6583.936594.406573.326091.227123.89671.142927.282.02e-9SPOTNAOMISPOT6 NAOMI Red normalized spectral response
SPOT/NAOMI6.NIR8110.318135.118086.087373.168987.031025.222370.561.08e-9SPOTNAOMISPOT6 NAOMI NIR normalized spectral response

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