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QuickBird :QuickBird-2 is an imaging satellite of DigitalGlobe Inc. (formerly EarthWatch) of Longmont, CO, USA, offering commercial imagery at 0.61 m (PAN) and at 2.4 m (MS) resolution.
QuickBird/BGIS2 :BGIS 2000 (Ball Global Imaging System 2000) is a BATC-developed imager.

QuickBird/BGIS2.Blue4842.714916.614804.404176.149229.21682.513973.595.08e-9QuickBirdBGISQuickBird-02 BGIS Blue normalized spectral response
QuickBird/BGIS2.Green5457.445512.655417.494451.126833.00991.613632.983.66e-9QuickBirdBGISQuickBird-02 BGIS Green normalized spectral response
QuickBird/BGIS2.Red6510.016542.206481.335590.777495.45712.582973.422.1e-9QuickBirdBGISQuickBird-02 BGIS Red normalized spectral response
QuickBird/BGIS2.Pan6748.587181.226341.663839.0410600.003975.763068.312.02e-9QuickBirdBGISQuickBird-02 BGIS Panchromatic normalized spectral response
QuickBird/BGIS2.NIR8001.778092.927918.775417.889350.661142.332404.321.13e-9QuickBirdBGISQuickBird-02 BGIS NIR normalized spectral response

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