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SSOT :Sistema Satelital para la Observacion de la Tierra (SSOT or Fasat-C).
SSOT/NAOMI :New AstroSat Optical Modular Instrument (NAOMI) high-resolution pushbroom image.

SSOT/NAOMI.Blue4858.324870.844845.804377.185346.28631.523950.305.04e-9SSOTNAOMISSOT (Fasat-C) NAOMI Blue normalized spectral response
SSOT/NAOMI.Green5569.295578.215560.595166.526009.14595.973551.423.44e-9SSOTNAOMISSOT (Fasat-C) NAOMI Green normalized spectral response
SSOT/NAOMI.Pan5783.965954.595621.434386.677615.302656.323273.823.11e-9SSOTNAOMISSOT (Fasat-C) NAOMI Panchromatic normalized spectral response
SSOT/NAOMI.Red6591.096601.486580.736108.247128.33669.012914.792.02e-9SSOTNAOMISSOT (Fasat-C) NAOMI Red normalized spectral response
SSOT/NAOMI.IRC8116.588141.318092.637389.048987.791015.872355.021.08e-9SSOTNAOMISSOT (Fasat-C) NAOMI IRC normalized spectral response

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