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ZiYuan :Launched in January 2012, ZY-3 is the first civil high-resolution stereoscopic Earth mapping satellite of China. It carries three high-resolution panchromatic cameras and an infrared multispectral scanner
ZiYuan/MSC3-1 :MSC (Multispectral Camera) on board ZiYuan3-1.

ZiYuan/MSC3-1.B14908.694925.004894.014432.335998.40529.443936.944.9e-9ZiYuanMSCZiYuan3-1 MSC B1 normalized spectral response
ZiYuan/MSC3-1.B25551.455565.125538.124812.686016.51682.493574.193.48e-9ZiYuanMSCZiYuan3-1 MSC B2 normalized spectral response
ZiYuan/MSC3-1.B36602.156619.766585.286134.887095.00603.762912.732.0e-9ZiYuanMSCZiYuan3-1 MSC B3 normalized spectral response
ZiYuan/MSC3-1.B48140.118213.758026.615035.599033.761125.112390.311.08e-9ZiYuanMSCZiYuan3-1 MSC B4 normalized spectral response

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