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Terra :The Terra (formerly called EOS AM-1) satellite is the flagship of NASA's Earth Science Missions. Terra is the first EOS (Earth Observing System) platform and provides global data on the state of the atmosphere, land, and oceans, as well as their interactions with solar radiation and with one another.
Terra/MISR :The Multi-angle Imaging SpectroRadiometer (MISR) instrument provides a unique opportunity for studying the ecology and climate of Earth through the acquisition of global multiangle imagery on the daylit side of Earth.

Terra/MISR.Blue4453.334458.504455.504172.004876.56308.354137.556.25e-9TerraMISRTerra MISR Blue Spectral Response
Terra/MISR.Green5575.805577.765573.885344.275839.37185.093554.403.43e-9TerraMISRTerra MISR Green Spectral Response
Terra/MISR.Red6719.056720.086718.476540.326900.63163.302904.941.93e-9TerraMISRTerra MISR Red Spectral Response
Terra/MISR.NIR8664.648666.888664.528372.329037.69273.472231.478.91e-10TerraMISRTerra MISR NIR Spectral Response

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