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WorldView :WorldView is a series of commercial earth observation satellites owned by DigitalGlobe.
WorldView/SW110 :SpaceViewTM 110 Imaging System on board WorldView-4

WorldView/SW110.Blue4769.514780.314756.554391.325192.53589.554033.865.32e-9WorldViewSW110WorldView-4 SW110 Blue normalized spectral response
WorldView/SW110.Green5433.925446.445421.635021.035891.82671.893652.713.71e-9WorldViewSW110WorldView-4 SW110 Green normalized spectral response
WorldView/SW110.Pan6060.666289.675836.224438.328077.773066.763333.192.72e-9WorldViewSW110WorldView-4 SW110 Panchromatic normalized spectral response
WorldView/SW110.Red6721.656724.076723.636495.566953.67344.192832.141.88e-9WorldViewSW110WorldView-4 SW110 Red normalized spectral response
WorldView/SW110.NIR8383.318411.948363.557666.789324.711048.862314.969.87e-10WorldViewSW110WorldView-4 SW110 NIR normalized spectral response

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