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OSN :Observatorio de Sierra Nevada, IAA-CSIC
OSN/Halpha :OSN Hα Redshifts

OSN/Halpha.6563n6564.296564.306564.236543.286584.6614.062039.151.42e-9OSN 6563(n) Halpha redshift filter, OSN #h01
OSN/Halpha.6563w6569.896570.026570.516491.596652.7257.402461.901.71e-9OSN 6563(w) Halpha redshift filter, OSN #h02
OSN/Halpha.66076614.706614.796615.326546.206681.7547.922883.441.98e-9OSN 6607 Halpha redshift filter, OSN #h03
OSN/Halpha.66526660.786660.916660.826581.236740.6959.792946.151.99e-9OSN 6652 Halpha redshift filter, OSN #h04
OSN/Halpha.6700_z16704.466704.536704.396645.926765.0847.092939.331.96e-9OSN 6700 Halpha redshift filter, zone 1, OSN #h05
OSN/Halpha.6700_z26713.936714.006713.866651.896773.5746.332935.561.95e-9OSN 6700 Halpha redshift filter, zone 2, OSN #h05
OSN/Halpha.6742_z16742.586742.666742.506681.196810.8247.692923.651.93e-9OSN 6742 Halpha redshift filter, zone 1, OSN #h06
OSN/Halpha.6742_z26756.626756.716756.546691.936826.6548.162917.951.92e-9OSN 6742 Halpha redshift filter, zone 2, OSN #h06
OSN/Halpha.67896797.006797.106796.886722.226871.0955.442900.681.88e-9OSN 6789 Halpha redshift filter, OSN #h07
OSN/Halpha.68356841.686841.836841.516756.656935.8163.672880.441.84e-9OSN 6835 Halpha redshift filter, OSN #h08
OSN/Halpha.68776883.846883.966883.716798.006962.7458.322861.901.81e-9OSN 6877 Halpha redshift filter, OSN #h09
OSN/Halpha.69256929.646929.756929.536848.907002.1651.592841.801.77e-9OSN 6925 Halpha redshift filter, OSN #h10
OSN/Halpha.6970_z16974.786974.896974.666903.647050.6157.592821.521.74e-9OSN 6970 Halpha redshift filter, zone 1, OSN #h11
OSN/Halpha.6970_z26992.366992.506992.216920.267085.1067.192813.351.73e-9OSN 6970 Halpha redshift filter, zone 2, OSN #h11

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