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Generic :Generic filters, not directly associated to any specific instrument.
Generic/Bessell :Bessell photometric system

Generic/Bessell.U3584.773605.073663.613031.254173.68640.401803.144.03e-9  Bessell U generic filter
Generic/Bessell.B4371.074413.084380.743633.335497.06959.203925.776.13e-9  Bessell B generic filter
Generic/Bessell.V5477.715512.125445.794733.336875.00893.083579.763.62e-9  Bessell B generic filter
Generic/Bessell.R6498.076585.916414.205504.358833.331591.032971.352.17e-9  Bessell R generic filter
Generic/Bessell.I8020.158059.887978.807041.679166.671495.072405.281.13e-9  Bessell I generic filter

Filter Plots

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