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CSST :China Space Station Telescope. A 2m space telescope in the same orbit as the China Manned Space Station, serviceable while docking with the station.
CSST/MCI :The Multi-channel Imager (MCI), one of the five instruments of the
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full CSST/MCI filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

CSST/MCI.F275W2748.052759.942756.542429.003038.28427.22945.823.75e-9CSSTMCICSST MCI F275W filter
CSST/MCI.F336W3356.163367.373360.663054.003706.39529.721242.583.31e-9CSSTMCICSST MCI F336W filter
CSST/MCI.F375M3740.483749.193798.933458.484035.09453.732232.304.78e-9CSSTMCICSST MCI F375M filter
CSST/MCI.F450M4495.714502.874495.034199.004790.06455.924209.116.24e-9CSSTMCICSST MCI F450M filter
CSST/MCI.F500M4992.614999.074990.974694.405302.20469.583818.854.59e-9CSSTMCICSST MCI F500M filter
CSST/MCI.F630M6306.256309.606302.206061.936558.00394.313116.092.35e-9CSSTMCICSST MCI F630M filter
CSST/MCI.F763M7633.847644.317622.167197.558093.04768.292529.121.3e-9CSSTMCICSST MCI F763M filter
CSST/MCI.F845M8436.888448.508428.627952.568996.36832.912278.349.6e-10CSSTMCICSST MCI F845M filter
CSST/MCI.F960M9542.709547.239537.929246.009947.85448.192232.587.35e-10CSSTMCICSST MCI F960M filter

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