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Carlos Rodrigo
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Generic :Generic filters, not directly associated to any specific instrument.
Generic/Johnson_13col :Johnson 13 colors photometric systemid:Generic/Johnson_13col.a
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full Generic/Johnson_13col filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

Generic/Johnson_13col.333372.913374.553373.553161.653623.59116.251247.683.29e-9  Johnson 13 colors 33 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.353536.433540.173537.953121.713810.78132.161318.473.16e-9  Johnson 13 colors 35 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.373745.973749.153768.883311.644062.00133.351947.494.16e-9  Johnson 13 colors 37 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.404026.034033.774048.613379.894434.00239.763926.407.26e-9  Johnson 13 colors 40 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.454592.844601.604584.884254.005469.91284.164236.476.02e-9  Johnson 13 colors 45 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.525184.285187.515181.084746.715523.45259.153814.834.26e-9  Johnson 13 colors 52 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.585818.535821.365815.655295.106170.18230.243408.723.02e-9  Johnson 13 colors 58 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.58p5853.885855.235852.475648.576070.00219.483384.852.96e-9  Johnson 13 colors 58p filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.636352.726359.326345.226035.067114.69326.483090.322.3e-9  Johnson 13 colors 63 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.727231.357239.277222.716662.507800.00588.452693.791.54e-9  Johnson 13 colors 72 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.807998.088002.137993.617600.008400.00433.982393.721.12e-9  Johnson 13 colors 80 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.868580.258584.788578.268200.009000.00482.402240.029.12e-10  Johnson 13 colors 86 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.999822.789831.589814.719200.0010564.29579.902130.186.62e-10  Johnson 13 colors 99 filter
Generic/Johnson_13col.11011058.7311075.7011037.4410200.0012000.00813.901841.804.51e-10  Johnson 13 colors 110 filter

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