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Carlos Rodrigo
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CTIO :Cerro Tololo Inter-American Observatory
CTIO/OSIRIS :OSIRIS (the Ohio State InfraRed Imager/Spectrometer) is a multi-purpose infrared imager & spectrometer built by the Ohio State University. It is currently deployed at the SOAR 4.1m telescope as a facility IR

CTIO/OSIRIS.J12709.5612802.7312581.8510788.0014535.002667.391515.812.81e-10CTIOOSIRISOSIRIS J filter
CTIO/OSIRIS.H16253.9416324.3516162.6614473.8018138.232798.261032.661.17e-10CTIOOSIRISOSIRIS H filter
CTIO/OSIRIS.203micron20319.3920319.5620319.1320125.4020461.40106.95728.655.29e-11CTIOOSIRISOSIRIS 2.03 micron filter
CTIO/OSIRIS.206micron20626.6420626.8520626.3120413.1220810.92128.60709.725.0e-11CTIOOSIRISOSIRIS 2.06 micron filter
CTIO/OSIRIS.214micron21396.0621396.5121395.1221143.8021646.20196.58663.294.34e-11CTIOOSIRISOSIRIS 2.14 micron filter
CTIO/OSIRIS.K21762.9621852.0921630.3519459.6324363.133730.29649.054.11e-11CTIOOSIRISOSIRIS K filter

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