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RapidEye :RapidEye is a full end-to-end commercial Earth Observation system comprising a constellation of five minisatellites, a dedicated SCC (Spacecraft Control Center), a data downlink ground station service, and a full ground segment designed to plan, acquire and process up to 5 million km2 of imagery every day to generate unique land information products.
RapidEye/REIS :REIS (RapidEye Earth Imaging System).

RapidEye/REIS.Blue4755.554768.624740.314376.135129.53593.294056.395.38e-9RapidEyeREISRapidEye REIS Blue normalized spectral response
RapidEye/REIS.Green5545.465556.785534.385145.205934.06654.123578.293.49e-9RapidEyeREISRapidEye REIS Green normalized spectral response
RapidEye/REIS.Red6576.356582.176570.596250.966890.20519.482913.112.02e-9RapidEyeREISRapidEye REIS Red normalized spectral response
RapidEye/REIS.RedEdge7094.037096.967090.796835.817363.32393.272750.991.64e-9RapidEyeREISRapidEye REIS RedEdge normalized spectral response
RapidEye/REIS.NIR8028.818041.968014.317494.958602.74854.772384.421.11e-9RapidEyeREISRapidEye REIS NIR normalized spectral response

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