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KOMPSTAT :KOMPSAT-3 is an optical high-resolution Korean observation mission of KARI (Korea Aerospace Research Institute). The project was started in 2004. The objective is to provide observation continuity from the KOMPSAT-1 and KOMPSAT-2 missions to meet the nation's needs for high-resolution optical imagery required for GIS (Geographical Information Systems) and other environmental, agricultural and oceanographic monitoring applications.
KOMPSTAT/AEISS3 :AEISS (Advanced Earth Imaging Sensor System), on board KOMPSTAT-3, is a high-resolution pushbroom imager (Pan and MS) for land applications of cartography and disaster

KOMPSTAT/AEISS3.Blue4855.584876.734834.914310.265409.09783.404061.265.16e-9KOMPSTATAEISSKOMPSTAT-3 AEISS Blue normalized spectral response
KOMPSTAT/AEISS3.Green5553.405572.205534.815003.726192.00859.303576.413.48e-9KOMPSTATAEISSKOMPSTAT-3 AEISS Green normalized spectral response
KOMPSTAT/AEISS3.Red6692.296702.676682.146171.437100.00596.502914.311.95e-9KOMPSTATAEISSKOMPSTAT-3 AEISS Red normalized spectral response
KOMPSTAT/AEISS3.Pan6381.506818.265959.964247.339300.604217.503283.312.42e-9KOMPSTATAEISSKOMPSTAT-3 AEISS Panchromatic normalized spectral response
KOMPSTAT/AEISS3.NIR8361.158406.718329.297347.069397.001619.202348.801.01e-9KOMPSTATAEISSKOMPSTAT-3 AEISS NIR normalized spectral response

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