SVO theoretical services



VOSA (VO Sed Analyzer) is a tool designed to perform the following tasks in an automatic manner:

  • Read user photometry-tables.
  • Query several photometrical catalogs accessible through VO services (increases the wavelength coverage of the data to be analyzed).
  • Query VO-compliant theoretical models (spectra) and calculate their synthetic photometry.
  • Perform a statistical test to determine which model reproduces best the observed data.
  • Use the best-fit model as the source of a bolometric correction.
  • Provide the estimated bolometric luminosity for each source.
  • Generate a Hertzsprung-Russel diagram with the estimated parameters.
  • Provide an estimation of the mass and age of each source


Information about the filters available in the SVO server

Synthetic Photometry

Synthetic photometry for several theoretical spectra models corresponding to the available filters. Access through the S3 interface.

S3 Interface

Web interface to check and/or access S3 services

TSAP Interface

Web interface to check and/or access TSAP services
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