Stellar Spectral Libraries
CaT. Empirical Calibration of the Near-IR Ca II Triplet

The project is dedicated to the empirical calibration of the Ca II triplet and stellar population synthesis modelling. For this purpose, we make use of a new stellar library of 706 stars in the near-IR spectral range (from 8348 to 9020 with a FWHM of 1.5 ) which spans a wide range of updated atmospheric parameters.

FGKM stellar Library, Yee et al. 2017

Precision Stellar Characterization of FGKM Stars using an Empirical Spectral Library.

Gaia FGK Benchmark Stars

The Gaia FGK Benchmark Stars are a common set of calibration stars, covering different regions of the HR diagram and spanning a wide range in metallicity. It is a homogeneous library in the visual range (480-680 nm) of high resolution and signal to noise ratio (S/N) spectra corresponding to the 34 Benchmark Stars and 5 metal-poor candidates.

L and T dwarfs (Chiu et al. 2006)

L and T dwarf data archive from Chiu et al. 2006, Golimowski et al. 2004 and Knapp et al. 2004.

MILES stellar library

The MILES stellar library consist of ~1000 stars spanning a large range in atmospheric parameters. The spectra were obtained at the 2.5m INT telescope and cover the range 3525-7500 at 2.50 (FWHM) spectral resolution.

SpeX Prism Library

This site is build as a basis to provide Virtual Observatory access to the published spectra in the SpeX Prism Library.


The objective of the STELIB Stellar Library is to build an homogeneous library of stellar spectra in the visible range (3200 to 9500A), including stars of all spectral types, luminosity classes and metallicity that can be observed from the ground with the current instrumentation.

The NIRSPEC Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey. Low-Resolution Data.

The Brown Dwarf Spectroscopic Survey (BDSS) is designed to study near-infrared moderate-to-high resolution spectra for a large sample of low-mass stars and sub-stellar mass objects in the M and newly defined L and T dwarf classes.

UVES/VLT M subdwarfs

This library presents UVES/VLT high resolution spectra of three late-K subdwarfs and 18 M subdwarfs. Our atlas covers the optical region from 6400A up to the near infrared at 8900A. We show spectral details of cool atmospheres at very high resolution (R∼40000).

X-Shooter Spectral Library

The X-Shooter Spectral Library is a collection of 300025000 Å all stellar spectra observed at a resolving power of R = λ/Δλ ~ 10 000 with the medium-resolution spectrograph X-Shooter at the Very Large Telescope (VLT).

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