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SimDAL Search: workflow

We have previously identified a project of interest and the corresponding SimdalSearch service:
  • project: ames_dusty
  • SimdalSearch URL: http://[...]/ames_dusty/search/
  1. We want to know how to make a search.
    So we first ask for the available {views}.
    1. We query: http://[...]/ames_dusty/search/views/
    2. We get two possible views:
      • view=iso for isochrones.
      • view=track for evolutionary tracks.
    3. We choose the "iso" view that provides isochrones.
  2. We want to know what parameters can be used for a query.
    So we ask for the "schema" of this view.
    1. We query: http://[...]/ames_dusty/search/schema/?view=iso
    2. We get two parameters:
      • t: value for the age of the star in Gyr. Values in (0.001, 12) Gyr.
      • fid: datafile identifier.
    3. We get also the base URL for the DataAccess sevice that gives access to files identified by "fid":
      • http://[...]/ames_dusty/data/iso/
  3. We want isochrones with 0.5Gyr < Age < 2Gyr.
    So we make a query (a cutout) to see what is available in that range.
    1. We query: http://[...]/ames_dusty/search/cutout/?view=iso
    2. posting a json: {"where":[{":att":"t",":op":">",":val":0.5},{":att":"t",":op":"<",":val":2}],"select":["t","fid"]}
    3. We get 5 isochrones t={0.6, 0.7, 0.8, 0.9, 1.0} Gyr. We choose one:
      • t: 0.8 Gyr, dataset_id=55
  4. We can use now this dataset_id to query the DataAccess service.
    • dataset_id=55
    • SimDAL DataAccess URL: http://[...]/ames_dusty/data/iso/