Theoretical Model Services

There are many fields in Astrophysics with a strong need of direct and rigorous comparisons between theoretical models or simulations and real data. However, the different architectures, programming codes, formats, etc, make it, most of the times, extremely difficult and inefficient.

One of the aims of the Virtual Observatory initiative is the full interoperability between theoretical and observed data. In the Spanish VO we work also in this subject, helping to define new protocols for theoretical data, implementing these protocols for several models and developing services and applications that use those resources.

VOSA (VO Sed Analyzer) is a public web-tool designed to help users to:
  • build objects SEDs combining user data with photometry from VO services,
  • analyze them comparing observed photometry with synthetic photometry from theoretical models or observational templates, using different techniques (chi-square fit, Bayesian analysis) and thus
  • estimate physical parameters for the observed objects.

VOSA is in operation since 2008 (Bayo et al, 2008, A&A 492,277B)

The SVO Filter Profile Service offers information about astronomical filters in a standardized way
  • More than 2300 filters (right now).
  • Mathematical properties.
  • Transmission curve.
  • Vega, AB and ST calibration.
  • Web and VO interface.
  • Compliant to the IVOA Photometry Data Model.
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