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LRO :The Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter (LRO) is a NASA robotic spacecraft currently orbiting the Moon in an eccentric polar mapping orbit.[
LRO/Diviner :An instrument flying aboard NASA's Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter, the Diviner Lunar Radiometer Experiment is designed to measure surface temperatures on the moon, providing key information for future lunar surface operations and

LRO/Diviner.Solar9147.4115955.266397.501951.0051460.7222197.482258.938.09e-10LRODivinerLRO Diviner Solar channels response
LRO/Diviner.A378248.1378301.5978164.2573682.4383321.545137.1160.872.98e-13LRODivinerLRO Diviner A3 channel response
LRO/Diviner.A482708.2682725.0682682.6180026.2685695.312959.3254.632.39e-13LRODivinerLRO Diviner A4 channel response
LRO/Diviner.A585497.5985515.2685465.1482715.8388521.523002.3051.162.1e-13LRODivinerLRO Diviner A5 channel response
LRO/Diviner.A6172661.02182075.22158971.61121143.43260848.4296670.9014.701.48e-14LRODivinerLRO Diviner A6 channel response
LRO/Diviner.B1317608.32329234.07300026.08232538.71477747.99145142.594.181.24e-15LRODivinerLRO Diviner B1 channel response
LRO/Diviner.B2708901.82756990.88645400.86476728.841.66e+6430787.070.8835.27e-17LRODivinerLRO Diviner B2 channel response
LRO/Diviner.B32.05e+62.74e+61.35e+6856061.805.74e+63.13e+60.1761.26e-18LRODivinerLRO Diviner B3 channel response

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