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CFHT :Canada-France-Hawaii Telescope
CFHT/MegaCam :MegaPrime/MegaCam is the wide-field optical imaging facility at
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full CFHT/MegaCam filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

CFHT/MegaCam.u3676.123692.623747.033147.514018.39452.672027.264.5e-9CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 3rd generation u filter (installed in 2015)
CFHT/MegaCam.u_13799.433817.723884.383317.464263.39525.362673.865.55e-9CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 1st generation u filter (installed in 2002, valid until 2015).
CFHT/MegaCam.g4763.984824.014721.063945.225572.031292.774001.505.29e-9CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 3rd generation g filter (installed in 2015)
CFHT/MegaCam.g_14846.424899.924803.424043.205767.781293.803979.985.08e-9CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 1st generation g filter (installed in 2002, valid until 2015).
CFHT/MegaCam.gri5672.586017.745376.103951.308257.043715.013558.613.32e-9CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 3rd generation gri filter (installed in 2015).
CFHT/MegaCam.r_16245.276278.196207.195401.987051.031120.203143.502.42e-9CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 1st generation r filter (installed in 2002, valid until 2015).
CFHT/MegaCam.r6382.596425.466335.655617.627220.251381.633078.432.27e-9CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 3rd generation r filter (installed in 2015)
CFHT/MegaCam.i_27542.837584.467497.316664.658563.891409.392577.071.36e-9CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 2nd generation g filter (installed in 2007, valid until 2015).
CFHT/MegaCam.i_17653.537690.497613.756742.258774.101220.842531.341.3e-9CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 1st generation g filter (installed in 2002, valid until 2007).
CFHT/MegaCam.i7682.937721.067641.206912.368638.341342.042520.291.28e-9CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 3rd generation i filter (installed in 2015)
CFHT/MegaCam.z_18815.008857.618793.447959.7410561.541040.082246.438.67e-10CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 1st generation z filter (installed in 2002, valid until 2015).
CFHT/MegaCam.z8979.629004.788969.538358.1010075.78788.112239.548.33e-10CFHTMegaCamMegaCam 3rd generation z filter (installed in 2015)

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