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WIYN :WIYN 3.5m Observatory
WIYN/WIYN :WIYN collection of filtersid:WIYN/WIYN.a
GaiaXPy base XML file. You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full WIYN/WIYN filter set. Please, take a look to the GaiaXPy web page and additional documentation for more information.

WIYN/WIYN.w0183086.493086.643086.533043.823129.5956.351138.733.58e-9WIYN WIYN w018, OH comet set 2 filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0233441.313441.653441.403358.073533.3977.801283.253.25e-9WIYN WIYN w023, UV cont comet set 2 filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0063444.473456.143454.933046.723851.94486.351300.903.29e-9WIYN WIYN w006, u Gunn filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0013576.213594.593645.903062.244117.64613.171693.913.97e-9WIYN WIYN w001, U Harris Liquid filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0333631.193646.963702.163126.584138.46548.681840.194.18e-9WIYN WIYN w033, U Harris solid filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0273736.193736.223736.603713.633759.9826.121690.763.63e-9WIYN WIYN w027, OII UWisc filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0243879.003879.253880.023804.113958.7269.103387.526.75e-9WIYN WIYN w024, CN cont comet set 2 filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0073964.823979.314007.833526.784696.59501.803387.316.46e-9WIYN WIYN w007, v Gunn filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0194061.764061.874060.534020.774104.6153.944448.998.08e-9WIYN WIYN w019, C3 comet set 2 filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0024322.754367.134338.793543.685727.821024.233898.276.25e-9WIYN WIYN w002, B Harris filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0454377.754425.774380.813593.245796.171048.783956.736.19e-9WIYN WIYN w045, B Kron filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0204447.534447.654447.354404.494490.9760.604409.346.68e-9WIYN WIYN w020, Blue cont comet set 2 filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0404748.394810.494705.793890.135755.591288.454005.845.33e-9WIYN WIYN w040, g' Sloan filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0084910.544923.114899.134502.585364.22672.793928.604.88e-9WIYN WIYN w008, v Gunn filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0215139.025139.405138.455052.495227.18119.693850.364.37e-9WIYN WIYN w021, C2 comet set 2 filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0225255.435255.515255.345210.695299.5755.453759.234.08e-9WIYN WIYN w022, Green cont comet set 2 filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0325287.245288.865285.735077.455547.37230.613737.184.01e-9WIYN WIYN w032, Green Cont filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0465391.645416.875368.594808.526402.92852.553678.323.79e-9WIYN WIYN w046, V Kron filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0035466.645500.305435.734772.076635.861002.103630.123.64e-9WIYN WIYN w003, V Harris filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0305892.185892.455891.925800.495981.37102.013358.112.9e-9WIYN WIYN w030, Na filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0416172.976210.336129.955352.237142.691187.213186.522.51e-9WIYN WIYN w041, r' Sloan filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0096496.846513.106478.675940.757152.66873.452987.742.12e-9WIYN WIYN w009, v Gunn filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0476447.216518.706376.505565.968648.521357.003060.092.21e-9WIYN WIYN w047, R Johnson filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0136561.746561.836561.256494.276625.0650.622431.561.69e-9WIYN WIYN w013, H-alpha wide filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0146561.456564.366558.296305.446827.12379.612887.642.01e-9WIYN WIYN w014, H-alpha cont filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0126566.276566.286566.436548.576583.2016.242125.991.48e-9WIYN WIYN w012, H-alpha narrow filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0156568.856568.996569.306494.096645.2776.632546.101.77e-9WIYN WIYN w015, UWisc H-alpha filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0316573.646573.706574.806527.276624.8245.822421.891.68e-9WIYN WIYN w031, N2 filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0366576.596576.676578.126529.296625.4960.092487.801.72e-9WIYN WIYN w036, H-alpha new filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0166619.906620.046620.776544.376696.4975.122856.461.95e-9WIYN WIYN w016, UWisc H-alpha+4nm filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0046554.666662.166452.295488.589470.251736.043022.622.11e-9WIYN WIYN w004, R Harris filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0176721.026721.156720.916648.296796.8672.782915.741.94e-9WIYN WIYN w017, UWisc H-alpha+4nm filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0376723.226723.306723.156674.816775.0163.002916.031.93e-9WIYN WIYN w037, H-alpha+16nm new filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0257018.757019.467017.936881.207160.37180.282783.891.69e-9WIYN WIYN w025, H2O+ comet set 2 filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0267118.317118.407118.217058.847178.4158.352734.361.62e-9WIYN WIYN w026, Red cont comet set 2 filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0427689.567719.057657.036843.968783.791186.612515.421.28e-9WIYN WIYN w042, i' Sloan filter
Filter Description

Filter ID (?) :WIYN/WIYN.w042
Description (?) :WIYN w042, i' Sloan filter
Phot.System (?) :------
Detector Type (?) :Photon counter
Band Name (?) :------
Obs. Facility (?) :WIYN
Instrument (?) :------
Comments (?) :[2-inch] Dedicated to WTTM [Andover etching=ANDV8738]

Mathematical properties

Property Calculated Specified Unit
λref (?) : 7689.56 ------- (Angstrom)
λmean (?) : 7719.05 ------- (Angstrom)
λcen (?) : 7691.82 ------- (Angstrom)
λeff (?) : 7657.03 ------- (Angstrom)
λpeak (?) : 8050.00 ------- (Angstrom)
λpivot (?) : 7689.56 ------- (Angstrom)
λphot (?) : 7676.65 ------- (Angstrom)
λmin (?) : 6843.96 ------- (Angstrom)
λmax (?) : 8783.79 ------- (Angstrom)
Weff (?) : 1186.61 ------- (Angstrom)
FWHM (?) : 1245.42 ------- (Angstrom)
Af/AV (?) : 0.646 ------- ()
Fsun (?) : 121.33 ------- (erg/cm2/s/A)


Data file: ascii, VOTable

Reference for filter response: WIYN filters

Transmission components: Filterid:WIYN/WIYN.w042

You can download here the GaiaXPy base XML file for the full WIYN/WIYN filter set.
Please, take a look to GaiaXPy documentation for more information.

- GaiaXPy base XML file.

Calibration properties

Vega System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 1.27534e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 2515.42(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : WIYN/WIYN.w042/Vega

AB System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 1.84096e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 3631.00(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : WIYN/WIYN.w042/AB

ST System
PropertySpecified Calculated Unit
Zero Point (?) : ------- 3.631e-9(erg/cm2/s/A)
  ------- 7161.58(Jy)
ZP Type (?) : Pogson
PhotCal ID (?) : WIYN/WIYN.w042/ST

Filter added: 2021-04-16 15:19:05
Last update: 2021-07-27 20:47:35
WIYN/WIYN.w0287786.527787.407785.547588.617992.36206.332462.551.22e-9WIYN WIYN w028, TiO UWisc filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0298079.448081.208077.377786.228384.54285.942364.651.09e-9WIYN WIYN w029, CN UWisc filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0488249.388313.638195.377013.879841.811709.882377.361.05e-9WIYN WIYN w048, I Kron filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0358338.628410.068282.927069.979948.272046.352364.511.02e-9WIYN WIYN w035, I Harris new filter
WIYN/WIYN.w0058356.128422.668305.467221.559570.921866.972360.271.01e-9WIYN WIYN w005, I Harris filter
WIYN/WIYN.w04310133.8410295.379976.978100.7812000.003143.062044.775.97e-10WIYN WIYN w043, z' Sloan filter
WIYN/WIYN.w01110183.1210337.7010029.648132.2912000.003009.092037.545.89e-10WIYN WIYN w011, z Gunn filter

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