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OSN :Observatorio de Sierra Nevada, IAA-CSIC
OSN/Comet25 :OSN Comet25 filters

OSN/Comet25.CO4315.304315.494310.934256.434373.2267.873700.675.96e-9OSN CO+ filter, d25, OSN #66
OSN/Comet25.C25161.245161.475160.895087.855237.6987.713826.144.31e-9OSN C2 filter, d25, OSN #67
OSN/Comet25.Cont68406846.626846.806846.436771.566924.5191.302863.691.83e-9OSN Continuous filter, d25, OSN #68
OSN/Comet25.H2O7040.537041.357039.586880.277218.93171.032773.351.68e-9OSN H2O+ filter, d25, OSN #69

Filter Plots

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