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WIYN :WIYN 3.5m Observatory
WIYN/ODI :The One Degree Imager (ODI) is the newest instrument at WIYN. ODI utilizes both WIYN's one degree field of view and excellent image quality.

WIYN/ODI.u3572.183585.023619.503237.403920.32584.171623.093.71e-9WIYNODIODI SDSS u' filter
WIYN/ODI.NB4224223.104224.064221.844096.294361.28170.434499.367.57e-9WIYNODIODI NB422 filter
WIYN/ODI.g4744.754805.974702.073796.805633.971445.353929.075.33e-9WIYNODIODI SDSS g' filter
WIYN/ODI.r6179.876219.346136.275423.317015.511375.003150.422.51e-9WIYNODIODI SDSS r' filter
WIYN/ODI.NB6956954.696954.886954.496874.007038.6192.782830.481.75e-9WIYNODIODI NB695 filter
WIYN/ODI.i7539.107567.567508.246790.478340.411283.092575.651.37e-9WIYNODIODI SDSS i' filter
WIYN/ODI.z8672.978689.258667.788007.919353.431038.182278.659.09e-10WIYNODIODI SDSS z' filter

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