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WIYN :WIYN 3.5m Observatory
WIYN/NESSI :The NN-Explore Exoplanet Stellar Speckle Imager, or NESSI, utilizes two electron-multiplying CCD cameras to simultaneously capture speckle images in two channels split by a dichroic at 686.4nm.

WIYN/NESSI.u_filter3539.63553.031473939435.11410.2WIYNNESSINESSI sdss u band (filter only)
WIYN/NESSI.u3581.93602.331603951388.91497.2WIYNNESSINESSI sdss u band (filter+ccd)
WIYN/NESSI.NB467_filter4674.04657.544364908427.04052.1WIYNNESSINESSI sdss NB467 band (filter only)
WIYN/NESSI.NB4674680.54663.844364908398.54036.7WIYNNESSINESSI sdss NB467 band (filter+ccd)
WIYN/NESSI.g_filter4845.94743.8391956381348.23909.6WIYNNESSINESSI sdss g band (filter only)
WIYN/NESSI.g4902.64806.0392756391198.43886.0WIYNNESSINESSI sdss g band (filter+ccd)
WIYN/NESSI.NB5625625.75617.453845858421.63521.4WIYNNESSINESSI sdss NB562 band (filter+ccd)
WIYN/NESSI.NB562_filter5625.85617.553845858420.73521.3WIYNNESSINESSI sdss NB562 band (filter only)
WIYN/NESSI.r6225.56136.0535170101333.93146.5WIYNNESSINESSI sdss r band (filter+ccd)
WIYN/NESSI.r_filter6234.16144.2535170121286.33141.5WIYNNESSINESSI sdss r band (filter only)
WIYN/NESSI.NB7167159.47149.768727452511.82741.2WIYNNESSINESSI sdss NB716 band (filter+ccd)
WIYN/NESSI.NB716_filter7163.07153.368727453501.72739.7WIYNNESSINESSI sdss NB716 band (filter only)
WIYN/NESSI.i7616.17542.6673084311379.92557.7WIYNNESSINESSI sdss i band (filter+ccd)
WIYN/NESSI.i_filter7665.17589.5673284361385.72539.2WIYNNESSINESSI sdss i band (filter only)
WIYN/NESSI.NB8328314.88309.280998542379.02309.0WIYNNESSINESSI sdss NB832 band (filter+ccd)
WIYN/NESSI.NB832_filter8321.88316.280998543397.22306.3WIYNNESSINESSI sdss NB832 band (filter only)
WIYN/NESSI.z9043.18974.78227106631210.32239.8WIYNNESSINESSI sdss z band (filter+ccd)
WIYN/NESSI.z_filter9511.09390.38229107472096.02182.4WIYNNESSINESSI sdss g band (filter only)

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