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WHT :William Herschel Telescope
WHT/PFIP :The Prime Focus Imaging Platform (PFIP) or Prime Focus Camera is an optical mosaic camera for use at the prime focus of the 4.2m William Herschel Telescope.

WHT/PFIP.RGO_U93617.23667.730814113561.51775.8WHTPFIPRGO U 9
WHT/PFIP.RGO_U3698.33747.232504110437.32013.8WHTPFIPRGO U 5
WHT/PFIP.Har_B64332.24312.5352657141053.53859.8WHTPFIPHarris B 6
WHT/PFIP.Har_B4337.94316.6352257281065.53856.9WHTPFIPHarris B 5
WHT/PFIP.Har_V5489.95425.448366647983.93599.2WHTPFIPHarris V 5
WHT/PFIP.Har_R6596.76402.5547890001628.22971.8WHTPFIPHarris R 5
WHT/PFIP.Har_I8136.18047.9706090001644.72393.6WHTPFIPHarris I 5

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