Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

UKIRT :United Kingdom Infrered Telescope
UKIRT/WFCAM :The UKIRT Wide Field Camera

UKIRT/WFCAM.Z_filter8826.88810.681299457909.42261.7UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM Z filter (filter only)
UKIRT/WFCAM.Z8839.58817.083609290930.02261.8UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM Z filter (total transmission)
UKIRT/WFCAM.Y10327.910305.09790108101020.02055.0UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM Y filter (total transmission)
UKIRT/WFCAM.Y_filter10376.810348.2964811126965.02038.8UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM Y filter (filter only)
UKIRT/WFCAM.J12528.112483.011690132801590.01553.0UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM J filter (total transmission)
UKIRT/WFCAM.J_filter12573.912508.311481137181472.81545.0UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM J filter (filter only)
UKIRT/WFCAM.H16422.816313.014920178402920.01034.2UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM H filter (total transmission)
UKIRT/WFCAM.H_filter16542.216384.014565187622821.41023.0UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM H filter (filter only)
UKIRT/WFCAM.H2_filter21416.521414.72114021702210.5677.1UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM H2 filter (filter only)
UKIRT/WFCAM.Brg_filter21833.221832.92141822280306.7645.5UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM Brg filter (filter only)
UKIRT/WFCAM.K22131.822010.020290238003510.0641.6UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM K filter (total transmission)
UKIRT/WFCAM.K_filter22402.422231.519833247433175.9627.8UKIRTWFCAMWFCAM K filter (filter only)

Filter Plots (using a common λ range)

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