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TNG :Telescopio Nazionale Galileo
TNG/OIG :The Optical Imager Galileo (OIG) is a CCD camera for direct imaging at optical wavelengths (between 0.32 and 1.1 microns) for the TNG.

TNG/OIG.SDSS_u3485.23506.729703991641.41434.4TNGOIGOIG SDSS u'
TNG/OIG.U3735.83782.135004146406.22123.7TNGOIGOIG U
TNG/OIG.B4413.24372.6360057891025.73949.1TNGOIGOIG B
TNG/OIG.SDSS_g4776.24678.7390156251400.53942.3TNGOIGOIG SDSS g'
TNG/OIG.V5382.65330.747286415920.53642.7TNGOIGOIG V
TNG/OIG.SDSS_r6202.76128.3537970361265.33157.1TNGOIGOIG SDSS r'
TNG/OIG.R6414.76273.5547885971335.13058.5TNGOIGOIG R
TNG/OIG.SDSS_i7688.17616.8680685891398.02530.4TNGOIGOIG SDSS i'
TNG/OIG.SDSS_z10129.19805.78147120003644.32034.5TNGOIGOIG SDSS z'

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