Filter Profile Service
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TD1 :TD1 satellite.
TD1/TD1 :TD1 filters

TD1/TD1.1401400.01403.01350145099.9368.1TD1TD1TD1 1400 A filter
TD1/TD1.1461455.01456.714001510109.9455.8TD1TD1TD1 1460 A filter
TD1/TD1.1501500.01500.51450155099.9507.1TD1TD1TD1 1500 A filter
TD1/TD1.1571565.01565.714001730329.8539.2TD1TD1TD1 1570 A filter
TD1/TD1.1601600.01600.41550165099.9586.9TD1TD1TD1 1600 A filter
TD1/TD1.1681675.01674.016201730109.9608.2TD1TD1TD1 1680 A filter
TD1/TD1.1701700.01699.91650175099.9609.7TD1TD1TD1 1700 A filter
TD1/TD1.1801800.01799.31750185099.9672.6TD1TD1TD1 1800 A filter
TD1/TD1.1861855.01854.418001910109.9690.2TD1TD1TD1 1860 A filter
TD1/TD1.1901900.01899.81850195099.9710.5TD1TD1TD1 1900 A filter
TD1/TD1.1971965.01959.818002130329.8728.8TD1TD1TD1 1970 A filter
TD1/TD1.2002000.01999.01950205099.9746.8TD1TD1TD1 2000 A filter
TD1/TD1.2082075.02074.520202130109.9761.5TD1TD1TD1 2080 A filter
TD1/TD1.2102100.02099.12050215099.9761.5TD1TD1TD1 2100 A filter
TD1/TD1.2202200.02199.22150225099.9768.4TD1TD1TD1 2200 A filter
TD1/TD1.2262255.02254.522002310109.9771.9TD1TD1TD1 2260 A filter
TD1/TD1.2302300.02299.12250235099.9769.1TD1TD1TD1 2300 A filter
TD1/TD1.2372365.02358.622002530329.8772.6TD1TD1TD1 2370 A filter
TD1/TD1.2402400.02399.72350245099.9759.2TD1TD1TD1 2400 A filter
TD1/TD1.2472475.02474.524202530109.9798.3TD1TD1TD1 2470 A filter
TD1/TD1.2502500.02499.12450255099.9797.2TD1TD1TD1 2500 A filter
TD1/TD1.2742740.02737.225852895309.8927.8TD1TD1TD1 2740 A filter

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