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Subaru :Subaru Telescope
Subaru/OHS :OHS helps the detection of faint astronomical objects at near-infrared wavelength by removing background light caused by OH molecules in the Earth’s upper atmosphere.

Subaru/OHS.z10213.510115.99184112831775.52068.2SubaruOHSOHS z filter
Subaru/OHS.J12484.112417.411482134951516.71562.2SubaruOHSOHS J filter
Subaru/OHS.H16298.316141.114510180912845.71045.9SubaruOHSOHS H filter
Subaru/OHS.N20420331.220330.32013020544206.0745.2SubaruOHSOHS N204 filter
Subaru/OHS.Kp21125.220941.519018232353401.9693.7SubaruOHSOHS K' filter
Subaru/OHS.H21021198.121197.12098121418207.8691.8SubaruOHSOHS H2 1-0 filter
Subaru/OHS.N21521468.921467.42125721683216.6672.6SubaruOHSOHS N215 filter
Subaru/OHS.K22005.421840.419859240153242.3647.7SubaruOHSOHS K filter
Subaru/OHS.H22122502.422501.42227722725218.7623.6SubaruOHSOHS H2 2-1 filter

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