Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

SkyMapper/SkyMapper.u3496.63498.230673867425.31320.1SkyMapperSkyMapperSkyMapper u normalized passband
SkyMapper/SkyMapper.v3837.73870.935504217318.82771.8SkyMapperSkyMapperSkyMapper v normalized passband
SkyMapper/SkyMapper.g5099.44968.5410365701477.53782.2SkyMapperSkyMapperSkyMapper g normalized passband
SkyMapper/SkyMapper.r6157.36040.1492572321523.33186.0SkyMapperSkyMapperSkyMapper r normalized passband
SkyMapper/SkyMapper.i7778.47712.9692986471201.62495.7SkyMapperSkyMapperSkyMapper i normalized passband
SkyMapper/SkyMapper.z9161.79091.58159106791112.82227.6SkyMapperSkyMapperSkyMapper z normalized passband

Filter Plots

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