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Selene :Kaguya, originally named SELENE (Selenological and Engineering Explorer) was Japan's second mission to Explore the Moon from orbit.
Selene/MI :The Multiband Imager (MI) is a high-resolution, multi-spectral imaging instru- ment for lunar exploration. It consists of two cameras, VIS and NIR, and is carried on the SELenological and ENgineering Explorer (SELENE), launched on Sep. 14, 2007

Selene/MI.VIS14142.454144.144144.873927.434367.30196.514255.617.43e-9SeleneMISELENE MI VIS1 band
Selene/MI.VIS27490.807491.387490.177304.547690.59129.422582.801.38e-9SeleneMISELENE MI VIS2 band
Selene/MI.VIS39009.779010.719009.578770.389237.72214.492286.548.44e-10SeleneMISELENE MI VIS3 band
Selene/MI.VIS49501.869503.689498.179170.579845.38314.402203.217.32e-10SeleneMISELENE MI VIS4 band
Selene/MI.NIR110012.3510013.3610009.149817.5510192.15268.352050.416.13e-10SeleneMISELENE MI NIR1 band
Selene/MI.VIS510013.9910017.1410008.839581.0710475.38437.662088.796.24e-10SeleneMISELENE MI VIS5 band
Selene/MI.NIR210482.6210483.7710481.0710203.9210766.27280.032013.435.49e-10SeleneMISELENE MI NIR2 band
Selene/MI.NIR312484.2712485.4912482.5112243.9712743.48324.131545.442.97e-10SeleneMISELENE MI NIR3 band
Selene/MI.NIR415474.7715476.8315471.2915134.0215830.62463.671099.371.38e-10SeleneMISELENE MI NIR4 band

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