Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

P200/LFC.sdss_u3508.13527.631533986544.51424.1PalomarLFCLFC sdss u' filter
P200/LFC.B4360.84324.537735286923.34051.8PalomarLFCLFC B bessel filter
P200/LFC.sdss_g4755.04665.2383254961305.23952.4PalomarLFCLFC sdss g' filter
P200/LFC.V5390.15344.848086359805.53662.1PalomarLFCLFC V bessel filter
P200/LFC.sdss_r6281.96192.8542770861380.83119.9PalomarLFCLFC sdss r' filter
P200/LFC.R6470.36318.9545186611383.03031.5PalomarLFCLFC R bessel filter
P200/LFC.Rs6907.06860.9623876261106.72813.9PalomarLFCLFC Rs filter
P200/LFC.RI7684.37405.0606794092804.02540.8PalomarLFCLFC RI filter
P200/LFC.sdss_i7717.97635.9673786251421.32518.5PalomarLFCLFC sdss i' filter
P200/LFC.Is8147.58063.6725291251479.12388.9PalomarLFCLFC Is filter
P200/LFC.I8823.98540.87004116762966.42280.4PalomarLFCLFC I bessel filter
P200/LFC.sdss_z9668.29500.77949110002623.62140.7PalomarLFCLFC sdss z' filter

Filter Plots (using a common λ range)

(Plot them zoomed to their own λ range)

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