Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

OSN/Stromgren.u3422.53419.928843726276.41252.8OSN u stromgren, OSN #14
OSN/Stromgren.v_z34128.84129.139404322190.34211.0OSN v stromgren, zone 3, OSN #15
OSN/Stromgren.v_z24130.44130.639474321196.34222.1OSN v stromgren, zone 2, OSN #15
OSN/Stromgren.v_z14130.94131.139524325198.34224.0OSN v stromgren, zone 1, OSN #15
OSN/Stromgren.b_z14725.74721.645414911197.24124.2OSN b stromgren, zone 1, OSN #16
OSN/Stromgren.b_z24727.74723.345434913191.74115.4OSN b stromgren, zone 2, OSN #16
OSN/Stromgren.Hbetan_z14879.34881.14834492332.23166.0OSN Hbeta(n) stromgren, zone 1, OSN #19
OSN/Stromgren.Hbetan_z24882.24883.84801495034.13307.5OSN Hbeta(n) stromgren, zone 2, OSN #19
OSN/Stromgren.Hbetaw_z14886.04888.847834992102.63429.7OSN Hbeta(w) stromgren, zone 1, OSN #18
OSN/Stromgren.Hbetaw_z24887.14890.147844995102.23431.6OSN Hbeta(w) stromgren, zone 2, OSN #18
OSN/Stromgren.Hbetaw_z34894.54897.847865011102.03488.0OSN Hbeta(w) stromgren, zone 3, OSN #18
OSN/Stromgren.y_z15505.35502.752605684200.33593.2OSN y stromgren, zone 1, OSN #17
OSN/Stromgren.y_z25513.35510.652705703197.23588.7OSN y stromgren, zone 2, OSN #17

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