Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

OAO/KOOLS.sdss_g_filter4803.94711.0393355791240.23936.5OAOKOOLSKOOLS sdss g (filter only)
OAO/KOOLS.sdss_g4805.84712.5393455801225.83935.4OAOKOOLSKOOLS sdss g (with CCD)
OAO/KOOLS.Rc6548.96479.4573973411215.02982.1OAOKOOLSKOOLS Rc (with CCD)
OAO/KOOLS.Rc_filter6550.36480.5573973431213.62981.6OAOKOOLSKOOLS Rc (filter only)
OAO/KOOLS.Ic7940.57845.5694289911618.92442.0OAOKOOLSKOOLS Ic (with CCD)
OAO/KOOLS.Ic_filter7999.67901.7694390181607.92422.5OAOKOOLSKOOLS Ic (filter only)
OAO/KOOLS.sdss_z9249.09152.28186110001455.72212.6OAOKOOLSKOOLS sdss z (with CCD)
OAO/KOOLS.sdss_z_filter9733.79569.68190110002323.12128.6OAOKOOLSKOOLS sdss z (filter only)

Filter Plots

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