Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

OAJ/JPLUS.uJAVA3494.63492.931853832475.11301.1OAJ J-PLUS u filter
OAJ/JPLUS.F03783786.03797.236823891153.42319.4OAJ J-PLUS [OII] filter
OAJ/JPLUS.F03953947.93945.83881401797.13686.2OAJ J-PLUS Ca H+K filter
OAJ/JPLUS.F04104102.64100.839724238196.74235.8OAJ J-PLUS Hdelta filter
OAJ/JPLUS.F04304302.34296.241704442199.14107.1OAJ J-PLUS G filter
OAJ/JPLUS.gSDSS4763.24663.7388655571436.13939.0OAJ J-PLUS g SDSS-like filter
OAJ/JPLUS.F05155153.55151.350315279202.53839.0OAJ J-PLUS Mgb Triplet filter
OAJ/JPLUS.rSDSS6263.06167.1536870731483.43129.7OAJ J-PLUS r SDSS-like filter
OAJ/JPLUS.F06606601.86604.265066698146.22727.1OAJ J-PLUS Halpha filter
OAJ/JPLUS.iSDSS7717.07632.3668586141544.22518.9OAJ J-PLUS i SDSS-like filter
OAJ/JPLUS.F08618617.28614.883678872404.52229.4OAJ J-PLUS Ca Triplet filter
OAJ/JPLUS.zSDSS10172.19854.17989120003612.12029.6OAJ J-PLUS z SDSS-like filter

Filter Plots (using a common λ range)

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