Filter Profile Service
A repository of Filter information for the VO

NAOC :National Astronomical Observatories of China.
NAOC/BATC :Beijing-Arizona-Taiwan-Connecticut (BATC)

NAOC/BATC.a3370.93367.931203634338.11230.2Xinglong BATC a filter
NAOC/BATC.b3894.33912.436484117266.73303.2Xinglong BATC b filter
NAOC/BATC.c4201.44196.339634425282.14183.9Xinglong BATC c filter
NAOC/BATC.d4546.44541.242854802355.54255.4Xinglong BATC d filter
NAOC/BATC.e4872.34864.946015145347.13850.3Xinglong BATC e filter
NAOC/BATC.f5247.45240.849685532331.53764.9Xinglong BATC f ilter
NAOC/BATC.g5783.75779.755525987271.73428.1Xinglong BATC g filter
NAOC/BATC.h6073.36068.858326304289.83262.0Xinglong BATC h filter
NAOC/BATC.i6709.86702.563307086497.02863.9Xinglong BATC i filter
NAOC/BATC.j7010.37008.768437195170.62805.5Xinglong BATC j filter
NAOC/BATC.k7526.57525.073527682191.92592.2Xinglong BATC k filter
NAOC/BATC.m8024.48021.377348313260.32408.7Xinglong BATC m filter
NAOC/BATC.n8517.28514.983068784185.42222.3Xinglong BATC n filter
NAOC/BATC.o9172.89169.588199405269.52291.6Xinglong BATC o filter
NAOC/BATC.p9723.49722.294499974278.72246.6Xinglong BATC p filter

Filter Plots (using a common λ range)

(Plot them zoomed to their own λ range)

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