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Misc :Miscellaneous. Filters not included in another category.
Misc/Junocam :Junocam is a wide-angle camera designed to capture the unique polar perspectiveof Jupiter offered by Juno’s polar orbit.

Misc/Junocam.Blue4797.44777.343895193457.73975.2JunoJunocamJunocam Blue filter (full)
Misc/Junocam.Blue_noccd4807.84788.143895197461.93964.2JunoJunocamJunocam Blue filter (+optics)
Misc/Junocam.Green5506.65464.248626040829.63593.2JunoJunocamJunocam Green filter (full)
Misc/Junocam.Green_noccd5544.75502.648706047746.83569.1JunoJunocamJunocam Green filter (+optics)
Misc/Junocam.Red6700.76586.859388031942.72913.8JunoJunocamJunocam Red filter (full)
Misc/Junocam.Red_noccd7027.36880.7593981021617.12773.2JunoJunocamJunocam Red filter (+optics)
Misc/Junocam.Methane8848.38848.086858934136.42263.7JunoJunocamJunocam Methane filter (full)
Misc/Junocam.Methane_noccd8920.88919.586909175226.32295.4JunoJunocamJunocam Methane filter (+optics)

Filter Plots

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