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MRO :NASA's Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter blasted off from Cape Canaveral in 2005, on a search for evidence that water persisted on the surface of Mars for a long periods of time. While other Mars missions have shown that water flowed across the surface in Mars' history, it remains a mystery whether water was ever around long enough to provide a habitat for life.
MRO/HiRISE :The High Resolution Imaging Experiment (HiRISE) takes pictures that cover vast areas of Martian terrain while being able to see features as small as a kitchen table.

MRO/HiRISE.BG5151.605208.945103.033915.646200.49776.313802.904.3e-9MROHiRISEMRO HiRISE Blue-Green band
MRO/HiRISE.Red6876.906997.746749.515361.138522.752391.862877.341.82e-9MROHiRISEMRO HiRISE Red band
MRO/HiRISE.NIR8688.038753.578648.257655.3610508.001370.922278.629.05e-10MROHiRISEMRO HiRISE NIR band

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