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MKO :Mauna Kea Observatories
MKO/MIRSI :MIRSI (Mid-InfraRed Spectrometer and Imager) is a mid-infrared camera system with both spectroscopic and imaging capabilities.

MKO/MIRSI.K21952.721721.919671243313625.3651.6MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI K filter
MKO/MIRSI.4_949308.248590.642803560389984.3151.4MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI 4.9m filter
MKO/MIRSI.7_777243.377018.072226832606871.063.8MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI 7.7m filter
MKO/MIRSI.8_787261.787001.381231932737650.750.5MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI 8.7m filter
MKO/MIRSI.9_796768.796434.0895891043859319.141.4MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI 9.7m filter
MKO/MIRSI.N106025.699054.37822613448944136.535.7MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI N filter
MKO/MIRSI.11_7116453.6116042.510743012472811480.428.8MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI 11.7m filter
MKO/MIRSI.12_282122656.9122636.51200891255301992.026.0MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI 12.282m filter
MKO/MIRSI.12_33123451.7123016.611423713263811764.325.7MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI 12.33m filter
MKO/MIRSI.18183407.9182922.717267119723315057.911.8MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI 18m filter
MKO/MIRSI.20214280.1202871.516250028968575307.98.9MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI 20m filter
MKO/MIRSI.24248081.3247226.222481227640020449.86.5MKOMIRSIMauna kea Obsevatory. MIRSI 24m filter

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