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Liverpool :The Liverpool Telescope
Liverpool/RATCam :RATCam was the Liverpool Telescope's main workhorse optical CCD camera and was funded by PPARC (now STFC).

Liverpool/RATCam.sdss-u3522.23541.030193979497.71440.5LTRATCamRATCam SDSS u' filter
Liverpool/RATCam.bessel-B4384.84348.735695731999.53956.0LTRATCamRATCam Bessel B filter
Liverpool/RATCam.sdss-g4813.94730.2394555321268.73940.5LTRATCamRATCam SDSS g' filter
Liverpool/RATCam.bessel-V5406.55355.347426466911.03634.3LTRATCamRATCam Bessel V filter
Liverpool/RATCam.sdss-r6248.16163.8542370221294.93136.1LTRATCamRATCam SDSS r' filter
Liverpool/RATCam.Halpha6566.76566.464656669105.92660.9LTRATCamRATCam Halpha filter
Liverpool/RATCam.sdss-i7764.17654.6657787911682.92499.4LTRATCamRATCam SDSS i' filter
Liverpool/RATCam.sdss-z10817.310212.27868134004981.41879.6LTRATCamRATCam SDSS z' filter

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